Sa, 28. April 2018

Oberdorf 5
6206 Neuenkirch

Amsterdam Klezmer Band

Konzert. Balkan, Klezmer
041 360 38 34
Oberdorf 5
6206 Neuenkirch

Pures Hör- und Tanzvergnügen
Feurig und mitreissend

Energetisch und poetisch, ein lebendiger und erfrischender mix aus Osteuropa, eigene Kompositionen und traditionelle Balkan & Klezmermusik – neu aufgemischt. Die sieben Musiker sind live eine Wucht, feurig & mitreissend: ein grosses Hör- und Tanzvergnügen! Nur Stehplätze
Festive klezmer music
The Amsterdam Klezmer Band (AKB) is an energetic and poetic stage-act consisting of 7 musicians that have charmed an international audience for over 10 years. Their music is a very lively and refreshing mix of Eastern European styles that transcends traditional Balkan and Klezmer music. A refreshing approach to Balkan and Klezmer music transcends the traditional aspects of this music and results in a very lively mix of Eastern European styles. Their strength lies in the ability to appeal to a remarkably broad audience across all age groups; they play clubs, theatres, festivals, parties, weddings and formal functions. AKB can both fire up a crowd and create pure listening pleasure with the vibrancy of their playing. Their instrumental skills are complemented by the unique vocals of Alec Kopyt (Odessa) and Job Chajes (Amsterdam). The AKB has managed to extract Klezmer from its dilettante ambiance and added a good dose of Balkan and original influences bringing you the pleasure of Eastern European music.