Fr, 06. April 2018

Baselstr. 15
6003 Luzern

Belly Hole Freak

Konzert. Blues, Soul
Baselstr. 15
6003 Luzern
MI 20.00-00.30 DO 20.00-02.30 FR/SA 20.00-04.00

Born under the bad sign of the dirty blues wind, Belly Hole Freak is a one man band
mostly influenced by the Delta Blues, the Bluegrass and Boogie sounds, coupled with the soul, rhythm and blues and swing vibes,
he plays his tunes with a visceral energy and gritty rock’n’roll attitude.
Inspired by giants as Howlin’ Wolf, Captain Beefheart, Robert Johnson, Tom Waits to name a few.

BHF uses a theatrical language melted into the music, most of the lyrics words sometimes are invented
but in the same time take on a concrete meaning from the way words are expressed by singing, sometimes screaming, sometime whispering, just giving voice to the soul.
like a mime who start talking without knowing any word....just give him a guitar, think about an old circus of the 30’s, fell this surrealistic atmosphere…. could meet Belly Hole Freak screaming and laughing.

BHF is a music project run by Massimiliano “Belly” on guitar, voice, handmade footboard stomp, Hi Hat, cymbals, Cowbell tamburine, Kazoo, anklets cymbals.
All instruments are played simultaneously during his one man shows.