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Fr, 29. Juni 2018

Spelteriniweg 4
6005 Luzern

Gender Roles, Cassels

Konzert. Punk, Rock
041 369 81 00
Spelteriniweg 4
6005 Luzern

Recently signed to Big Scary Monsters, Brighton based 3 piece Gender Roles are the hazy soundtrack of a pool party with your best mates. Formed over a combined love of the early UK math rock scene and garage rock in America, the band have recently been making waves in the DIY/Punk scene. 

Relentlessly touring the UK and US over the past year and having just released, their second EP Lazer Rush , the band’s hazy blend of slacker rock vs. gritty punk makes for a live show you’ll not want to miss!


For Cassels, music is about authenticity. Together they embody the spirit of punk, even if their sound stretches the boundaries of any genre. It is rare to find a band who sound only like themselves, especially one with just two instruments, but Cassels are just that.
The work of two brothers, Loz and Jim Beck, they have been playing music together since long before their voices broke and all that practise has paid off – direct and considered lyrically, musically challenging and in possession of an originality you could never force.