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Mi, 13. September 2017

Sedelhof 2
6020 Emmenbrücke

Once and Future Band

Konzert. Avantgarde
041 420 63 10
Sedelhof 2
6020 Emmenbrücke
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Once and Future Band klingen so wie ein Sonntagsausflug an den See mit einem entspannten Frank Zappa im Beiwagen. Zurückgelehnt und doch sehr intensiv. Ein bisweilen hyperaktiver Bass und Drums mit Hang zur Polyrhythmik sorgen für eine jazzige Grunddynamik. Luftige Gitarren, die sich in beste Krautrock-Tradition setzen, wechseln sich mit psychedelischem Geklimper ab. Auch die Texte kommen schwer verhangen und rätselhaft entrückt daher. Das Ganze könnte angesichts der Versatzstückhaftigkeit und der vielen Querverweise grandios schiefgehen, geht aber auf formidabelste Art und Weise klar.
In the vapor trail of “How Does It Make You Feel” you can smell the burnt ozone of a seventies-full-orchestra-nebula-pop-odyssey, the flakes floating down and landing on you like snow and giving you the grave-chills…the ash of a masterpiece pop song. Once and Future Band: this incredibly accomplished cabal of total prog wizards has circled the earth, but then, these are the accomplished gentlemen of many former pursuits (the formidable Drunk Horse among them) and all of them comets themselves. The very mid 70s vibe at work here surpasses pastiche, and crests that lovely anachronistic conceptual peak: a fully realized and meticulously arranged psych record, meant to be listened to from top to bottom, with the lights down low and in a comfy chair perhaps, or while gazing out the window of your life pod. A Dark Side of the Moon feel, with shades of early Yes’s technicality, a dash of Steely Dan’s vocal prowess and effortless sheen, and some seriously outsized hooks that call to mind the mighty ELO, Le Orme and yes, even the unsinkable Queen powered on Brian May’s tape echo jet fuel and sequined power cells…this is a head record in the classic sense but we swear to The Dark One that you will be trapped and infected by the pop-parasite. That it is largely self-produced (with tracking/engineering on three of the songs by Phil Manley at El Studio) makes it all the more jaw dropping. We didn’t realize how much we needed Once and Future Band in our life, but now that they’re here we can’t get them out of our brains or off of our stereo. Making prog cool again, again, and then slightly more complicatedly, again.